Accounting & Bookkeeping Outsourcing services


Ankwanoma and Associates provides full range of; 1. Professional Outsourcing and Consultancy Services covering; 1.1 Accounting and Bookkeeping Services 1.2 Payroll Outsourcing 1.3 Business Analysis and Controls setup and 1.4 Internal Auditing Services etc: Which are all geared towards assisting small to mid-sized businesses, Developmental Organisations, Religious Bodies, Civil Society Groups etc.
Our main objective is to help business owners like you reduce time spent on non-essential tasks, enabling you to focus on core business functions and increase profitability. Many of our clients save up to 45% compared to the costs of hiring in-house staff to perform these functions. Our advanced technical expertise differentiates Ankwanoma & Associates Ltd from other companies offering similar bookkeeping and Accounting services. We provide timely, cost effective, scalable and customized accounting solutions.
Whether you are launching a startup in need of small business bookkeeping services or already run an established business, Ankwanoma & Associates Ltd can offer you a convenient bookkeeping solution. We provide you with easy access to qualified, seasoned Accounting Executives and accounting professionals — without you ever having to hire them. Even if you own an established business and your in-house Accounting Executives are not sufficiently qualified or is unable to keep pace with the work flow, we can provide the most efficient Accounting solutions at cost-effective rates. Our Accounting services include the following:

  • Accounts Payable Management (Vendor Bills and Payments)
  • Accounts Receivable Management (Customer Invoices and Collections)
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Inventory Management
  • Recording and Reconciling Payroll Transactions
  • Revenue Reconciliation with Bank Deposits etc
  • Financial Budget and Cash Flow Management
  • Extracting Trial Balance
  • Preparing Final Accounts ( Income Statement and Statement of Financial Position)

 Capturing and recording of financial data to prepare the Financial Statement.
 Bank Reconciliation
 Accounts Payable or Creditors Management
 Accounts Receivables or Debtors Management
 Other General Ledger activities

    1.  REPORTS

 Financial Report and analysis on monthly, quarterly half yearly and annually.
 General Ledger
 Trial Balance
 Statement of Comprehensive Income or Profit and Loss
 Statement of Financial Position or The Balance Sheet
 Cash Flow Statement



 Access to all Accounting source documents, eg Bank Statements, Invoices, Vouchers, Cheque or check stubs etc