Preaching the Gospel of Christ Jesus is a Commission to every Christian

Praise God!! Brethren this is your own brother in Christ Jesus and a servant of God, Dr Gyamfi aka House of Israel Shalom! The message today is entitle, “Preaching the Gospel of Christ Jesus is a Commission to every Christian” Our main text is taken from Mark 16:9-15 and I read; Mark 16:9-20 New King James Version (NKJV) 9 [a]Now when He rose early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast seven demons. 10 She went and told those who had been with Him, as they mourned and […]

Great Leadership is about Influence not Authority

Great Leadership is about Influence not Authority Published on August 8, 2018 Author’s photo Mike Kaeding President at Norhart A naive leader might think that they know best. They might think that they have all the right answers, and that everyone should just follow what they say. I know, because when I first was in a leadership position that’s how I thought. But that is so wrong. And it’s wrong for one simple reason that I can illustrate in a game. The Game Imagine your favorite sports game. Maybe that’s football, basketball, tennis, or something else. Now think of the […]

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Business Morals or Ethics as the Premise of Business Quality – factors in building authoritative respectability.

Focus Words:Business Ethics, Morality, Integrity, Business Morals. In a wide sense, ethical quality is an arrangement of principles that shapes our conduct in different social circumstances. It is more delicate doing the great rather than the terrible, and thusly, it builds up a level of standard for prudent lead. “Legitimization” as far as business morals can be depicted in two diverse ways. In business morals, do the methods legitimize the closures, or do normal rules don’t apply in this situation? Is it better to have an arrangement of principles revealing to you what you should do in a specific circumstance, […]


THE EVILS OF JEALOUSY AND HATRED ARE two mystery equipment USE via THE ENEMY TO OUR disadvantage. Jealousy and hatred are two mystery evils equipment the enemy uses against us nearly each time, it’s miles hard to discover it until it happens so pray towards them. Jealousy inspired Cain to kill Abel, Joseph’s brothers to sell him into slavery and King Saul to want to break David, his greatest and most unswerving soldier. like the ladies who lined the streets and sang, “Saul has killed his heaps and David his ten heaps,” jealousy is frequently inspired with the aid of […]



Good Business Ethics for a Successful Business.

Focus words. Business Ethics. Principles of Business Ethics. Avoid Exploitation of Consumers. Avoid Profiteering of Unscrupulous business. Encourage Healthy Competition. Ensure Accuracy. Pay Taxes Regularly. Proper business records. Fair Treatment to Employees. Keep the Investors Informed. Avoid Injustice and Discrimination. Fulfil Customers’ Expectations. Business Ethics – Definition area unit several definitions of business ethics, however those given by Andrew Crane and Raymond C. Baumhart area unit thought-about the foremost applicable ones. According to Crane, “Business ethics is that the study of business things, activities, and selections wherever problems with right and wrong area unit addressed .” Baumhart defines, “The ethics […]

Best practices in Business Analysis processes.

KEY WORDS. Business Analysis Overview. What is Business Analysis? Basic idea of business analysis.Business analysis. Sequence of events within a Business Analysis.Business Analyst. Business analysis practitioners. Business systems analyst. Systems analyst, Requirements engineer. Process analyst. Product manager. Enterprise analyst, Business architect. Management consultant. Business intelligence analyst. Data scientist. INTRODUCTION. Business Analysis Overview. What is Business Analysis? The basic idea of business analysis is quite simple. It is the practice of identifying and clarifying a problem or issue within a company, then working with the various stakeholders to define and implement an acceptable solution. However, actually conducting a business analysis can […]

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Modern Innovative Techniques of Starting your own Business successfully.

Focus Key words: Modern Techniques for Business Setup, Secret of Starting a business, Keys for business startups, Business ideas, Business Techniques, Outsourcing Techniques, Consulting Techniques, Outsource to grow your business, Innovation. Depending on the kind of business that is, manufacturing, services, or retail, these prices will amount to many thousands and even various dollars simply to start out a brand new business. But there’s a more robust means Business experts have advised that every Internal business operations can be outsourced to a firm that may offer the service to your company, in several instances at a lower price and better […]

Safety and Speed of Internet Access are high risk areas to overcome as a business.

Everyone including business entities stand these two main internet risks: 1. The safety of your internet access and, 2. The speed of your internet access Safety You need to apply the same care to your internet access as you do the rest of your business. In fact, if poorly done your days can become very frustrating and your business and reputation can become badly tarnished. Why do I sound so alarmist about this? Because I see so many people take a careless attitude about their internet access and leave their computers open to viruses and Trojan horses. This is a […]


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Leadership Style by Empowerment, among the best Leadership styles for building employee loyalty.

Introduction. It seems that every decade or so there is some new fad the runs through the business world in terms of supervision and in the world of diversity management, downsizing, outsourcing, generational work conflicts and the information age, things are even more complicated than ever before. No longer does a one size fits all leadership model really work. We can’t treat everyone the same and expect that everything will just “work out” somehow. It seems that every decade or so there is some new fad the runs through the business world in terms of supervision and in the world […]

Best reasons for Outsourcing your Payroll to Ankwanoma and Associates.

Business consultants have long advocated outsourcing non-core functions. A non-core operate is one that’s not a profit center (meaning, you don’t charge customers for it). A non-core operate is also essential, however doesn’t differentiate your business strategically from competitors. In most businesses, body and back-office activities like payroll are non-core functions. As such, they’re potential candidates for outsourcing. But the question business homeowners and managers need answered is: what does one really gain from outsourcing payroll? Is it price all the time and energy simply to analyze and establish acceptable outsourced service providers? Then there’s the work concerned to transition […]

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Best reasons for outsourcing Accounting, Bookkeeping, Business Analyst, Internal Auditing, and Payroll services 1

Organizations, these days, not solely explore for cost-efficient solutions to consistently run non-core activities like Accounting, Bookkeeping, Business Analyst, Internal Auditing, and Payroll services, however conjointly expect to feature worth so as to realize higher management and understanding of money flow and thereby build knowing choices. In spite of being thought of as non-core, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Business Analyst, Internal Auditing, and Payroll services are integral part of an organization’s operational capabilities and systematic functioning. Therefore, outsourced Accounting, Bookkeeping, Business Analyst, Internal Auditing, and Payroll services processes undoubtedly facilitate contour core business operations of a company. Best reasons for outsourcing Accounting, […]

Ten practical Leadership styles for Modern day Leaders.

Introduction An important facet of fine leadership is that the ability to figure and relate with others. There are 10 qualities that characterize prospering leadership within the space of relating and act with others. 1. Accessibility. A good leader is on the market and in contact with folks. A crucial leadership talent is that the ability to acknowledge desires and be able to reply to them quickly and within the moment. 2.Facilitating Harmonious Relationships. A good leader realizes the importance of harmonious relationships and is proactive in making a harmonious atmosphere. Prospering results are born out of harmony instead of […]

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Strategies for modern day worker or staff Motivation.

The concept of employee motivation is not at all a new idea. It has been around as long as there have been employees and employers. While the concept itself is not new, new research and awareness have made new aspects of employee motivation not only a possibility, but a reality in the world today. It was not at all uncommon in the past for an employer to offer some system of rewards and privileges as a means of employee motivation. Recent thinking however has given way to the fact that this process may actually alienate other workers who, for whatever […]


Step 1. Project Design USAID Missions develop an overarching Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) with substantial input from partner governments, industry, civil society, and development partners to understand challenges and resources available. From the CDCS, USAID then designs projects and activities to create an acquisition and assistance (A&A) plan. Step 2. Identify the Requirement USAID will work towards defining the results to be accomplished under discrete activities which may be obtained via an assistance or acquisition award. Acquisition refers to obtaining goods and services, through various types of contracts, for the use or benefit of the Agency. Interested organizations submit […]

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A successful team everywhere in the world has effective and efficient collaborative machinery as a passion for success. To improve your team, identify the following symptoms of lack of collaboration and overcome them. Poor Communication. Team members suppose to communicate effectively with one another, through both written and verbal means. Teams with poor communication skills are often operating from different informational points and are never entirely certain what other teammates are working on or what progress is being made. This can result in misunderstanding, time wasted going in the wrong direction and frustration when work must be repeated. Bad Attitude. […]


Dear Brethren, I deem it necessary to share with you a comment a friend of mine made after reading my What’s App profile picture. By His grace, this is what I stand for, (OBJECTIVITY, INTEGRITY AND LEADERSHIP) which most people find it difficult in our part of the world. I hate deception and people who try to be OK with you but have plan B agenda. I’ve lost greater positions in my career ladder because people do not like the truth and fairness, more especially when you are within the FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION PROFESSION. Most people forget that they have […]

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Permanent Residency Visa and Scholarships to International Students 2018

There are several scholarships open in Canada and students must not miss the chance. Canadian Government Scholarships for International Students, 2018 Government of Canada Application Deadline: November 1, 2017 Apply Now 37 Full Tuition International Scholarships at University of Toronto in Canada, 2018 University of Toronto in Canada Application Deadline: November 30, 2017 and January 15, 2018 Apply Now Government of Canada Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, 2017-2018 Government of Canada Application Deadline: September 20, 2017 Apply Now University of Alberta Doctoral Scholarship for International Students in Canada, 2018 University of Alberta, Canada Application Deadline: November 1, 2017 Apply Now International Entrance […]


Please note, this message didn’t come to you by chance, this is what I could use my day, being public holiday to put together to revive our marriages. This small piece is for marriage people but if you happen to get one, and your not married, let it be a guide to your future marriage and family life. 1. One of the greatest institutions God initiated and blessed to be good for mankind is marriage and for this matter peaceful and healthy family. However, most ministers of God and preachers of the gospel have neglected it, except once a year […]

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SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL OTHER THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU. For God to connect you to the “ALL OTHER THINGS”, I encourage you to read the rest and pray. 1. Start jogging every morning in areas where there are a lot of adult youth joggers, your future husband, wife or business partner might be keeping fit. . 2. If you drive, drop your ride occasionally and take a bus or taxi – and respond if the taxi driver is bold enough to ask you a few non-business related questions. . 3. […]