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Please note, this message didn’t come to you by chance, this is what I could use my day, being public holiday to put together to revive our marriages. This small piece is for marriage people but if you happen to get one, and your not married, let it be a guide to your future marriage and family life.

  1. One of the greatest institutions God initiated and blessed to be good for mankind is marriage and for this matter peaceful and healthy family. However, most ministers of God and preachers of the gospel have neglected it, except once a year when there is mothers, fathers or children’s day.

  2. Due to this neglect of this significant ministry, Christians go to church with their nice dresses, shiny smiles, very active in ministries BUT trust me a lot of spouses are being hurt by their husband’s or wives in their homes but cover up in churches, by using the church as a hiding place of causing hurts for their spouses instead of repenting by the messages of Christ in the church.

  3. Please spouses, one of the greatest hindrances to our prayers is the high level of disregarded hurts going on in the various marriage homes. The first ministry of every Christian spouse is maintaining a HEALTHY & PEACEFUL HOMES.

  4. Brethren, your blessings as spouse is tied to your marriage, your family, your children and the general public.

Please having reasonable time with your spouses and the family is mandatory requirements for any peaceful family, irrespective of your level in society. Have time to listen, smile to each other, and meditate in the words of the attached classics music and measure the level of great revival that would set into your marriage and family life.

I love you all, your own unpredictable, controversial some times.🤝 Dr Gyamfi 🤝

For your meditation and Relaxation.