Original Ruccess 3 in 1 Radar Dvr FHD 1296P Built-in GPS Car Detector Dual lens Car Camera Anti Radar Detector Russian Speedcam


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Original Ruccess 3 in 1 Radar Dvr FHD 1296P Built-in GPS Car Detector Dual lens Car Camera Anti Radar Detector Russian Speedcam


1—–The Car DVR is with very small battery, it must be connected the original car charger to your car to keep work normally.

2——The Radar can ONLY work in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc. It can only use as a DVR in other counties. Please check carefully before ordering.

3——–The Radar waning can’t be 100% accurate for different local bands and sensing of the chip. Radar date might can’t cover all data, and we will try to update the date every year. Please understand and wait patiently. Try to make a POI by yourself when needed. Thank you.

Full HD 1080P 170-degree front and super wide angle dash camera can obtain full coverage of your lane.

You can easily switch between front and rear lens display.

       Q:The video records  is not real 2k?       A:This product resultion is 2304*1296p ,In generalizely it was 2K ,please take a understand.            Q:The screen is fuzzy,not 1296p?       A:It is 1296p ,when you put the records videos to the computer to check ,it is 1296p .and in the future we would try to update it to HD screen.            Q:Why it cant search GPS?       A:1.If you  test it in a open place while still hard to search GPS ,please Pull down the rear camera before driving, wait for the Gps search, and then plug it in again. Because the rear camera has poor shielding, it can interfere with satellite signal reception.       2. please start driving until you searched the GPS signal .       (PS:when you plug it rear camera in again .change the front camera to 1080p ,otherwise the rear camera would be dead )                Q: Why can't located if use the car charger with USB?          A: for difference of Voltage. The input voltage of usb charger is 5V, it can only running the DVR not Radar. Please use dc charger when you use this radar, or it can't work well.     Attention: don't use a high voltage usb charger to connect, it might be burn.                  Q: Other countries except for Russia, can't use the Radar?          A: this radar can use in Russia, Belarus,Ukraine, but the default data is of Russia. Please contact us for data of Belarus and Ukraine.                  Q: Why is the battery life so short?          A:As the RADAR's small size, so the RADAR battery capacity is small, when use it , you need to connect the car charger.Please note that you must use the original car charger, then it will work. If you use other chargers lead to the product to stop working, we do not assume any responsibility, please understand.                  Q:Why the device not support the loop recording?          A: it support the loop recordings , you can try to format the card for 3-4 times in the device ;          and please set the low or close the G-sensor (about the G - sensitive : when you car has the collision, the RADAR will store the video in emergency, and this video will be locked , it will not be delete auto.).                  Q:Why the device do not turn on and reboot ?          A:If you use it in the wrong way or connection voltage is unstable it will cause this problem ;          please charge it in the car for half an hours, then click " reset" in the back of the device  for  five times in a row or use other car power to  test                  Q:About GPS function ?          A:The product only supports track recording ,don't support GPS navigation,hope you can understand .                  Q:About Radar warning function          A:The Radar waning can't be 100% accurate for different local bands and sensing of the chip. Radar data might can't cover all data, and we will try to update the data every season. Please understand and wait patiently.               Q:Why it keeps slience when it sees camera?       1. Using the device by mistakes.        If your speed was set less than the limited speed of Camera ,then it wont make a alarm because  the radar dvr thought you are driving safe       (PS: if you dont know how to set the speed ,message our Linda)       2. Use two radars at the same time       Please dont use the 2 radar device in your car .Because it would suppress each other and interfere with each other.                         <img class="img-responsive" src="" />                 <p> 1 YEARS Store Warranty </p>      <p> (1)Offer refund or replace within 3 days upon delivery,we bear $10 returned shipping cost </p>      <p> (2)Offer repair within 30 days upon delivery,we bear the shipping cost for sending back to you </p>      <p> (3)Offer repair after 30 days upon delivery,but you bear two way shipping cost </p>      <p> (4)Notice:for full refund,please send full package back(including all accessories);for repair or replace, please send only product without accessories. </p>    <p> <img class="img-responsive" src="" /></p>  
Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

Fixed & Flow Velocity

Brand Name


Alarm Distance


Special Features

Motion Detection



Detection Mode

Radar Signal And Gps Infromation Detection







Imaging Sensor


Video Code




OSD Language

Russia,Russian,Chinese (Simplified),English

Camera Resolution


View angle

170 degree

Screen Ratio


Display Size

2.4 inch


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