Plug Play OBDII OBD2 OBD 16 PIN Auto Car GPS Tracker locator with web vehicle Fleet Management system IOS & Android APP


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                                 Plug Play OBDII OBD2 OBD 16 PIN Auto Car GPS Tracker with web vehicle Fleet Management system  IOS &amp; Android APP Rastreador</p> <p> <br />  <img class="img-responsive" src="" /></p> <table>  <tbody>     </tbody> </table> <p> 1. About language of  ios android mobile application "itracksafe" for GPS tracker:</p>     We have English/Spanish/Portugues/Italiano/French/Arabic/Russian/Serbian language. Will keep on adding more languages.      2. About SIM card:   This GPS tracker uses Micro SIM card      Prepare a 2G GSM SIM Card which can support GSM and GPRS into the GPS Tracker.    In many countries, the 3G 4G SIM card which can down support 2G&amp;GPRS is fine too.      If your sim card has pin code, unlock the SIM card on your mobile phone!      We do not provide SIM card!      3. Please register the GPS tracker on web platform first, then you can see on the ios andriod app "itracksafe".       4. Please set the APN first then the device can run in our web platform      APN is Acess Point Network , each GSM operator has their own unique APN, kindly contact your sim card provider for their APN and set the APN according to user manual please.      5. We will return your full money back if "you do not receive the product or "the product not working" .      Please contact us first before open dispute or give negative feedback .        <p> 6. A1 supports 12-24V, small vehicle or truck which has OBDII port can use the A1 GPS tracker.</p>  <p> <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=106&amp;width=930&amp;hash=162694873f5a849e30e2869689ca95cf" /></p> <p> Real Factory, Excellent Quality, Start smooth business with us!</p>  <p> We are GPS tracking manufacturer providing GPS tracking device and Internet based access to LIVE vehicle motorcycle tracking and asset monitoring management. </p>  <p> We have offered the OEM service including product rebranding, function customization, new product design for clients from worldwide for more than 10 years. </p>  <p> Welcome retail and wholesale clients contact us for business!</p>   <p> <img class="img-responsive" src="" />GPS tracking device is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals. </p> <p> The recorded location data can be stored within the gps vehicle tracking devices , or it may be transmitted to a central location data base, or internet-connected computer, using a cellular (GPRS or SMS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. This allows the asset's location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real time or when analyzing the track later, using GPS tracking software. </p>  <p> Work with any 16 - pin OBD interface cars</p> <p> Free installation, no wiring harness, simply plugs into Car OBD port.</p> <p> GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ quad band</p> <p> Wide input voltage range: 8-50VDC</p> <p> GPS+LBS real time locating via SMS, web platform and mobile application</p> <p> Built in vibration sensor for intelligent anti-theft</p> <p> 180 days history route replay</p> <p> Geo-fence alarm</p> <p> Trip plan</p> <p> Over speed alarm</p> <p> Build in  battery for back up</p> <p> <img class="img-responsive" src="" />​</p> <p> <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=800&amp;width=746&amp;hash=d796819b053f96f0813ffd274d5f9791" /></p> <p> <img class="img-responsive" src="" /></p>   <p> <img class="img-responsive" src="" /></p>  <p> <br /> <img class="img-responsive" src="" />1 OBD GPS tracker </p> <p> <img class="img-responsive" src="" /></p>   <p> <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=817&amp;width=600&amp;hash=7578e9fc9e439bd69f1fb4ebd83476fe" /></p> <p> <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=232&amp;width=600&amp;hash=455c34619c8f04f63301668d4a4a7bba" /></p> <p> Step 3, Different Tracking Methods:</p>  <p> Option 1</p> <p> Track by sms command or phone call</p>  <p> <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=205&amp;width=457&amp;hash=9f44b36384896302139679fb91137849" /></p>  <p> Option 2</p> <p> Track by FREE website on computer </p> <p>  <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=450&amp;width=600&amp;hash=14ff09e2dc21a42ae673d28de6c5740d" /></p>   <p> Option 3</p> <p> Track by FREE apps on mobile phone</p> <p> ios and andriod phone, download"itracksafe"from apple store and google play store. </p> <p> <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=350&amp;width=300&amp;hash=f550d75c6483dd445d9a7c7d1526cd5c" /></p>  <p> Multi Language including: English/Spanish/Portugues/Italiano/French/Arabic/Russian/Serbian</p> <p> <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=528&amp;width=600&amp;hash=7cf1b03c81067a0299bfe47ed7e20042" /></p> <p> <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=527&amp;width=600&amp;hash=20df014b6272f726f7cd25d7eda46611" /></p> <p> Geo-Fence:</p> <p> <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=184&amp;width=600&amp;hash=0074ebcea718044b8bcf1ee723f605a0" /></p> <p> Play history trip:</p> <p> <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=315&amp;width=600&amp;hash=7f9e4b4489d2a9be9f0b11b0510ccb84" /></p>  <p> Manage Multiple GPS Tracker on one account one map</p> <p> <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=258&amp;width=600&amp;hash=9e85e2336b8f28d6935eafcbda8a6e8c" /></p>  <p> <img class="img-responsive" src="" /></p> <p> Question 1:  Why the GPS tracker can not come online on itrac gps tracker ios andriod app "itracksafe"</p> <p> Answer: please register the GPS tracker on web platform first, then you can see on the itracsafe app.</p> <p> Question 2: Why the GPS tracker shows "unactive" on</p> <p> Answer: please make sure you set the APN correct.</p> <p> APN is Acess Point Network , each GSM operator has their own unique APN, kindly contact your sim card provider for their APN and set the APN according to user manual please.</p> <p> Question 3: Why the GPS tracker led light is off? </p> <p> Answer: please connect gps tracker with external power to charge the built in battery for 5-7 hours, then try again.</p> <p> Question 4: Why it said "log in fail" on on itrac gps tracker ios andriod app "itracksafe"</p> <p> Answer: Kinldy choose the correct server, we have two server, please choose, default is null.</p> <p> <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=510&amp;width=930&amp;hash=ca05a6a1fdc71c3766f5dd8a24b6ad50" />

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Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 6 cm
GPS type

GPS Tracker

Brand Name


Screen Size

Under 2 Inches

Item Size

5.3 x 4.50 x 2.2cm / 2.087 x 1.772 x 0.866 inches

Gps Module




Battery Life

1 To 4 Hours

Model Name


Out Power


Special Feature

Remote Control




Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900mHz



FTracking Website

Free ios andriod application



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