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Warm Prompt: 1. You have two options: A: English Guide Manual + English Voice Guide Alarm B: Russian Guide Manual + Russian Voice Guide Alarm 2. If you want to get more information about this alarm system, please leave your email to me, and I will send the guide manual to your email in 10 hours. 3. This alarm system you can add more then 100 wireless sensor by yourself. Product Description

This system is newly designed GSM commercial/domestic intelligent household security alarm system that is equipped with digital color display.It has used internationally applied quad band original GSM module with high sensitivity.And combing with the advanced processing technology of wireless signal, it has realized short message,digital voice ,millions of groups of wireless code matching, remote household appliance control, arming area intelligent recognition and other functions. While alarming ,it can perform voice notification of the situation type and the location . While alarming ,it can perform voice notification of the situation type and the location .The unique site voice deterrent and alerting function minimizes he customer’s loss.Used together with infrared detector, door sensor, smoke detector, gas detector and panic button and other accessories, the system is widely used in family, factory, school, store, convenience store, financial room and cottage etc. that need protection and constanly protect your property safety from infringement.

  • Original quad band GSM module of industrial grade is used, which is in global use and has super strong signals.
  • 99 routes of wireless arming area and 2-4 wired arming area (the wired arming area depends on the model).
  • 6 sets of telephones, through which voice alarm and short message alarm functions can be set.
  • Type and property of arming area can be set with dual mode of remote alarm and site deterrent
  • Wireless of wire household appliance control is optioinal, wireless alarming horn is optional (wireless control with no wiring construction)
  • 4 sets of regular arming and disarming ,with no inconvenience of manual arming and disarming.
  • 2 sets of alarm clock functions, which is more convenient to alert
  • 6 seconds of customized message recording
  • Alarm short message of artificial intelligence is built in.The alarming short message can be freely defined and more humanized
  • Black box function is built in. The alarm record can be checked any time.
  • Learn code matching in a wireless intelligent way and increase allocation is easy and convenient.
  • Cell phone(telephone) remotely controls arming ,disarming, monitoring,talkback.
  • Doorbell ,guest greeting device and beeper functions can satisfy different commercial utilizations
  • The operation alarming horn tone of remotely controlled arming and disarming can be set
  • EEPROM information protection can assure the permanent information retention with power off
  • Rechargeable cell is built in ,which automatically change to standby battery with power off and short message alert is available

Product Instruction

Zone area properties can be set as follow :

  • 1. Common arming area
  • 2.Home arming area
  • 3.Emergency arming area
  • 4.Intelligent arming area
  • 5.Close arming area
  • 6.Doorbell arming area
  • 7.Guest greeting arming area
  • 8.Calling arming area

The Property Voice can be set as follow:

  • 1 Infrared arming area
  • 2.Door sensor arming area(gate)
  • 3.Door sensor arming area(Window)
  • 4.Door sensor arming area(balcony)
  • 5.Smoke detector
  • 6.Gas Detector
  • 7.Emergency help
  • 8.Calling for help by the old
  • 9.Calling for help by children.

Product Usage Built-in intelligent clock 1. intelligent clock included, it work likes a beautiful clock 2. you can set 4 set of the timing arming and disarming, 3. you can set 2 set of alarm clock. Multi-function control system You can control your alarm system by many ways. A: Use the keyboard directly, you can set a password to protect your keyboard. B: Use the wireless remote controller, even if you are outside of your house, also you can control your alarm system. C: Use your phone call, after insert a SIM card to the alarm system, you can control your alarm system by your phone call. even if you are in your car or at your office, even if you travaling outside. D: Download a phone APP,and install it, then you can operate your alarm system by your phone APP, it is very convenient for you Add more acccessories will make your alarm system more powerful You can install different accessories according to your different individuals needs, different accessories installed in different places, installation accessories where the temperature is best for – 10 ~ 40 degrees Celsius, indoor and outdoor accessories together will be more effective and better, although the alarm system is very powerful,but match the combination will become a more powerful anti-theft system, it will make your home more safty. You can match with the following parts, after you buy it, all the parts will be match ed well, You can use it directly. .

Product Include

1*Smart GSM Main Panel 4*Door Window Detector (433MHz, without battery include as default) 3*Infrared Detector (433MHz, without battery include as default) 2*Remote Controller 1*Wired Siren 1*adaptor 1*manual

Warm Prompt: If you want to get more information about this alarm system, please leave your email to me, and I will send the manual to your email in 10 hours.

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm
Zone Number


Brand Name




Model Number


Arming Type

FR Remote-controller

Video Interface


Output Number


Password Keyboard






Alarm Type

Apps Control,SMS,The Alarm

Communication Interface


Kit Configuration

Door/Window Sensor


GSM Alarm System

GSM Frequency


Wireless receive frequency


Max Support Remote Control Quantity


Max Support Wireless Zone Quantity


Window Door Sensor

3 pcs Include

PIR Sensor

3 pcs Include


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