(5 PCS) CROW SRP-600 Wired Dual Element PIR Motion Detector Infrared Movement Sensor Security Alarm System For Free Shipping

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CROW SRP-600 Wired Dual Element PIR Motion Detector


The Crow SRP-600 is an ideal detector for installers looking for a single unit for a wide variety of Comerica applications. It’s fully adjustable in range and sensitivity and

includes a high powered LED for long range viewing. The extended coverage area combined with the hard spherical lens creates a detector that will provide your commercial customers with years of trouble free service at a price you will appreciate. This is the lowest cost adaptive technology detector on the market today.


ASIC Chip Design (2nd Generation)
Extra Large/Long Range LED
Long Range Dual Element Pyro
Hard Type Full Pattern Spherical Lens
Adjustment Free Mounting
Diffractive Look Down Zone
Automatic Temperature Compensation
Perfect Fit Case & Optical Seal
Detection Range Adjustment
Adapts To Environment
Memory & Tamper Terminals
Rodent & Environmental Immunity
*Detection Method: Dual Element PIR
*Sensitivity: 2degree at 0.6m/sec (3.6F at 2ft/sec)
*Detection Speed: 1.5 to 5ft/sec (0.5-1.5m/sec)
*Power Input: 8.2-16VDC (NOT included)
*Current Draw: Active/Standby: 8mA
*Automatic Temperature Compensation: Yes
*Pulse Count: 1.2-2 to 3 Automatic depending on speed spectrum analysis
*Alarm Period: 1.6 sec
*Alarm Output: N.C 28VDC 0.1A with 10 Ohm series protection resistor
*Tamper Switch: N.C 28VDC 0.1A with 10 Ohm series protection resistor
*Warm Up Period: 30 sec
LED Indicator: LED is blinking during warm up period and self testing,
LED is ON during alarm
*Temperature Range: -4F–122F (-20–+50degree)
*RFI Protection: 30V/m 10-1000 MHz
*EMI Protection: 50,000 V of electrical interference from lightning or power through
*Visible Light Protection: Immune against halogen light at 8ft(2.4m) or 50,000 lux of reflected light
Wide Angle: 105degree 18m x 18m (60ft x 60ft)
Long Range Curtain: 30m x 2m (100ft x 6.3ft)
Animal Alley: 105degree 18m x 18m (60ft x 60ft)
Curtain: 15m x 1m (50ft x 3.3ft)

5 x SRP-600 Wired PIR motion detector (NOT include bracket)

5 x English user manual
5 x Color retail box

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