KLYDE USB Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS for Car Radio Display the Tempreature and Pressure with High Degree Accuracy

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-The date of tire send to Android DVD through USB port . You can contact supplier when you want to update the APP on your DVD.

-Please read this manual carefully before installing this product and confirm that the product is suitable for your car , so as not to cause adverse effects on your car body and the product. -This product can be exceptions to the tire pressure monitoring reminders , but cannot prevent the occurrence of puncture accidents. -When pressure and temperature of tires appear abnormal , the system can emit sound and light alarm , the user does not need to observe the system’s display , so as not to affect the vehicle’s driving. TPMS Work Introduce This system contains a monitor and four sensors , when you use the internal sensors , sensor instead of the original car gas nozzle installed , use the external sensor , sensor use anti-theft nut directly fixed in the original car gas nozzle; sensor measuring tire pressure and temperature, and send the information of tire to TPMS receiver, the receiver send the date to DVD by USB port . when the tire pressure is low , or leak , and high temperature , DVD have a warring through sound and light, so as to remind drivers to pay attention to vehicle safety. TPMS Receiver Install 1 . TPMS receiver receives the sensor signal , and send the date of tires to DVD by USB port. 2 . USB interface of the DVD was hidden in the co-pilot store content box , when can’t find the USB interface , please contact the DVD suppliers. 3 . When the TPMS receiver is installed , be sure to stay away from interior sources of interference , such as navigation , DVR , mobile television and other high-power jamming equipment at least 60 cm or more ( recommended that the receiver can be fixed in storage box by 3M stick ) TPMS APP Install 1. Copy the APP file called to U disk , the name of file is ” USB TPMS “. 2. Open the interface of DVD after the U disk connected to the USB intertace. 3. Open the ” APP Manager ” or ” Software Manage. 4. Find the u-path , and install APP we can open the APP when the installation is complete. Find the TPMS receiver ( we can like this when the first connection TPMS receiver ) 1. Connect the TPMS receiver to USB port and Choose to trust this equipment , as below Sensor ID setting Before shipping, sensor ID and position have set in receiver , you can install as the sensor position , no need setting : Users can be installed in accordance with the marked the location of the information on the sensor . Only when the sensor is damaged, it needs to be paired on the APP interface. Note 1. The user must be in two minutes to matching the tire aerated or leaked when APP is in ID leaming status. 2. We must make sure that only one each tires aerated or leaked operation when APP is in ID leaming status. Parameter settings ( Set high pressure , low pressure , high temperature alarm thresholds ) -The default of low pressure alarm thresholds is : 26Psi -The default of high pressure alarm thresholds is : 45Psi -The default of high temperature alarm thresholds is : 75℃ -The default pressure unit is : Psi Abnormal alarm The DVD can automatically pop up alarm interface , and sound the alarm to prompt the user to abnormal tire when an exception occurs, such as low-pressure tires, high pressure, high temperature. leakage and other abnormal conditions, so users do not have to observe the tire data , so as not to affect the vehicle driving Safety . Sensor installation External sensor installation process ( We instated the sensors when TPMS APP is working ) Note : -Each sensor has a corresponding location identifier , must be properly installed on the corresponding tires . -After the sensor installation is complete , be sure to check the tires for leaks with soapy water gas nozzles check to make sure if necessary . -Leak caused due to the installation , and thus failures , the company does not assume joint responsibility and direct responsibility Receiver parametes 1 . Working Voltage : DC5V 2 . Working current :

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