ANBES 433.92 Mhz Duplicator Copy CAME Remote Control For TOP 432EV TOP-432NA TOP432NA For Universal Garage Door Gate Key Fob

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ANBES 433.92 Mhz Duplicator Copy CAME Remote Control For TOP 432EV TOP-432NA TOP432NA For Universal Garage Door Gate Key Fob


1.Privacy is strong 2.One to one key copy 3.Each key password alone save 4.Can continuous repetitive copy use one million times Specifications: Working voltage: DC12V (27A battery a including) Operating Current: ≤ 8mA Working frequency: 433.92MHz Modulation Mode: ASK (AM) The transmission power: ≤ 100mW Emission Distance: 50 to 100 m (proof) The encoding type: self Copy The working temperature: -10 ° C to +50 ° C Works with the following remote control IC modules (please check your original remote control before ordering),and your remotes also should be Fixed code or Learning code. AX5326-3.PT2262.PT2260.EV1527.FP527.PT2242.HT600.HT680.HT6207.HT6010.HT6012.HT6014.AX5326-4.SMC918.PT2240.HT6013.HT6013.HT12D,etc Uses: garage doors, motorcycles, car alarm products, home security products, short-range wireless remote control products, industrial control products How to Program (it’s easy!): Step 1 -delete the existing code of our remote duplicator 1)Click and Hold A and B buttons together – Led will flash 3 times 2)Keep holding A button and release B button 3)Keep holding A button and push B button 3 times, Led will start flashing Non-stop Now press any key on the remote control, LED lights are not bright, so delete code success; if you press the button LED lamp is lit, indicating that the original code is not deleted ! Step 2 – clone your original remote 1)Put both remotes Into back to Back position. Make sure they have direct contact 2)Click and hold 1 button on your original remote and 1 button on your clone remote. Keep holding until led will make 2 blinks then 3 blinks then goes into Steady and you have successfully cloned. ( the left keys follow the same above operation) If for some reason the clone does not go further then 2 blinks , it means the signal does not go through, please shift the remote slowly up and down until you get the point where it will go through. Notice: The essential condition for the selection of the remote control;the copyed remote control operates normal,chip is compatible and frequency is correct. Before buying,please make sure the copyed remote control operating frequency or choose & buy the frequency adjustable type remote control. Before buying,please confirm whether your remote control can be copyed or not. Our remote control can copy the fixed codes and learning codes rather than stealth codes.It can’t copy original car remote control, two-way remote control and rolling code remote control (Rolling code chips start with HCS commonly,such as HCS200,HCS201,HCS300,HCS301,etc) Package: 1 x User Manual 1 x Remote Control

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