QCREATE QW01-012C 3D Pen LCD Screen Adjustable Heating Temperature 8-speed Setting 3D Printing Pen compatible PLA PCL Filament


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QCREATE QW01-012C 3D Pen PLA PCL Dual Mode LCD Display Adjustable Heating Temperature and 8-Speed Setting Recommended for Beginners

3D Pen Features:

  1. Adjustable heating temperature and 8-speeds setting;
  2. Dual working mode selection, L mode ( low heating temperature 80-100 degrees Celsius adjustable, compatibe PCL filament ) and H mode ( high heating temperature 180-200 degree Celsius adjustable, compatible PLA filament ) ;
  3. Filament loading and unloading with automatic mode and manual mode switchable, offering you a handy 3D creating experience;
  4. With LCD screen and state indicators, real-time display heating temperature, speeds and mode, ensure you well know 3D pen condition;
  5. When at low temperature mode, 3D pen nozzle temperature less than 40 degrees Celsius, it’s more safe for Children use;
  6. 3D Pen nozzle is made of aviation ceramic material, the coefficient of thermal expansion is low, it’s difficult to be out of shape at high temperature;
  7. Special customized high precision gear set to ensure the filament spitting out smoothly non-blocked;
  8. Intelligent sleep function, it will automatically sleep after complete unloading filament or 2 minutes without operating, it’s energy saving and safe;
  9. 5V 2A working voltage, support powered by mobile phone power bank and USB devices, enabling you drawing anywhere not limited to wall outlets, more safe;
  10. Qcreate 3D pens are patented for the utility model and the appearance and with CE, FCC, RoHS certification.

Set Up Your 3D Pen QW01-012C

1. Connected the 3D printing pen’s power, the power indicator lights, the screen will show default setting [L], “L” = Low temperature mode, please use low temperature material PCL; If you need use PLA material, please click “wire back button” to select [H] mode, “H” = high temperature mode;

2. Click the “filament enter” button, then it begins to work after the indicator turned red, the 3D pen is pre-heating, the screen will display real-time temperature of the nozzle heating head;

3. After heating, the indicator light will trun red to green, then press the ” filament enter ” button to send PCL filament manually, or double click the “filament enter” button to send the PCL filament automatically ( one click can exit automatic mode );

4. After complete of the use, press the ” filament return ” button to take out the filament manually, or double click the “filament return” button to retreat the PCL filament automatically ( one click can exit automatic mode );

5. The default temperature for PCL mode is 85 degree Celsius and adjustment range 80 to 100 degree Celsius; and PLA mode is 185 degree Celsius and adjustment range is 180 to 200 degree Celsius; Due to the disparity in melting point from different manufactures, if the filament extruded is too hard or too soft, slightly increase or decrease the target temperature for the ideal molten state;

6. The 3D pen has 8 gear speeds, in which the sixth gear is default gear, you can also change the gear according to you habits.

Standard Package Contents:

  • 1x QW01-012C 3D pen
  • 1x Power adaper ( EU AU UK US standard plug for selection )
  • 1x Power cord
  • 1x Stencil book ( we provide more electronic version copys by email )
  • 2x Loops filament for testing ( 5 meters per loop, one loop ABS, one loop PLA, total 10 meters )
  • 1x A5 transparent drawing pad
  • 1x User guide

When buy 3D and select add extra 50 meters filament, package comes with total 60 meters filament;

When buy 3D and select add extra 100 meters filament, package comes with total 110 meters filament;

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 5 cm
Brand Name


Model Number


Adapter Type


Discharging mode

hot melt extrusion


three-dimensional molding

Print range


Spinning speed

adjustable, 8 speeds setting

Heating temperature

adjustable, 80-200 degrees Celsius

Working voltage

5V 2A equipment

The nozzle diameter


Filament diameter


Filament compatibility

PLA and PCL material

3D pen weight


3D pen size



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