24 Hour Timer Energy Saving Socket Mechanical Program Timer Switch Socket EU/US Plug 230V Wall Outlet Protector

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Material: ABS+PC
Plug Type: EU US Plug
Installation: Plug-in Type
Max. Work Load: 3680W
Voltage: 230V
Size: 82x45x56mm
Align present time to pointer
Push segments down for required “ON” time

Color: White
1: Set clear screen display with operating prompts
2 : Designed for home security can freely Association .
3 : Minimum setting time of 1 minute , maximum setting time of a week.
4 : high conductivity copper , nickel plated , anti- rust, heat smaller, copper structural optimization and longer life.
5 : Housing made of imported PC material flame retardant, so that higher product safety
Most adequate materials , longest life , lowest repair
The built- in rechargeable battery as a backup power supply in case of power from the mains , and still maintain the timing of the display and storage of data up to six months or more
With rechargeable battery , charging plug can
Small wildcard port can be connected to two plug three plug
Bandpass off lights
Mode can be changed with the function , you can always switch long -state, long- timer off state or state
Applications: rice cookers , water dispensers, heaters, liquid electric mosquito coils and other electrical appliances, electric vehicle batteries , digital camera batteries , cell phone battery, home security , etc.

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