SG900-S GPS Drone Camera HD 720P 1080P Profession FPV Wifi RC Drone Fixed Point Altitude Hold Follow Me Dron Quadcopter


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                                                                                                                                      US $ 1.19<br />                 /piece                                          <br />  SG900-S GPS Drone Camera HD 720P 1080P Profession FPV Wifi RC Drone Fixed Point Altitude Hold Follow Me Dron Quadcopter<p>  <u>4 Versions optional: Please choose the version you want.</u><br />   SG900 Optical Flow 720P Camera 3.7V 1100mAh battery Action Time about 11 Mins<br /> SG900 Optical Flow 720P Camera 3.7V 2200mAh battery Action Time about 22 Mins<br /> SG900-S GPS Fixed Point Version 720P Camera<br />   SG900-S GPS Fixed Point Version 1080P Camera


Features:<br /> Headless mode solves the problem of getting lost.<br /> Speed switch: different speeds meet various flight needs. High speed is fit for windy day and low speed is suitable for indoor play.<br />  One key taking off/landing/return/stop makes it easier to operate the drone for beginner.<br /> App control is available. Compatible with both android and ios.<br />   Camera takes photo and record video in real time, which bring you aerial view and impressed experience.<br />   Holding altitude by optical flow. Stable flight for you.<br />  Smart following: the camera follows you automatically wherever you go.<br />    <br />  Specification:<br />    Material: ABS<br /> Color: Shown As Pictures<br />  Open Size: Approx. 29 * 29 * 4cm / 11.4 * 11.4 * 1.6inch<br />  Foldable Size: Approx. 18 * 14 * 4cm / 7.1 * 5.5 * 1.6inch<br />    Weight: 724.8g<br />    Type: RC Model<br />    Control Range: 80m / 262.5ft<br />  Function: Hovering, headless mode, speed switch, one key taking off/landing/return/stop, app control, real-time transmission, take photo, record video, hold altitude by optical flow, take photo/record video by gesture, follow me mode, ascend/descend, turn left/right, go forward/backward, left/right sideward flight<br />   Optional Battery of Drone:<br />    3.7V 1100mAh, 7.4V 2200mAh<br />    3.7V 1100mAh Battery<br />  Flight Time: 11min<br />    Charging Time: 120min<br /> 7.4V 2200mAh Battery Specification:<br />   Flight Time: 21-22min<br /> Charging Time: 240min<br /> <br />  Package List:<br /> 1 x SG900 Drone<br />   1 x Controller<br />    4 x Propeller Guards<br />  2 x Propellers<br />    1 x Screwdriver<br />   1 x USB Cable<br /> 2 x Manuals<br />   <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=21230&amp;hash=22230" />



1.GPS positioning, one key fixed height, one key landing function.    <br />    2.Smart following: the camera automatically aligns and aligns with the racket, where to go and where to go, to enjoy the flight, and the shooting gives you a different experience.    <br />   3.HD Camera:720P/1080P WIFI High-definition camera,integrated camera and body design,120&deg; Wide-angle adjust the shooting angle up and down to easily take high-resolution photos and videos    <br />   4.Surround function: centered around the current hovering position of the aircraft, revolving around the radius: 5.10.20 meters to choose from.    <br />   5.GPS positioning return: one button automatically return to the take-off point, the flight control voltage low automatically return to the take-off point, no remote control signal automatically return to the take-off point.    <br />  6.GPS mining point of aerocarft:10seconts after the take off of the aircraft,GPS automatic collection of return points(flight height recommended in more than 3 meters)    

Specifications:<br />   Item name: SG900-S RC Foldable Smart GPS Drone<br />    Remote controller: 2.4G 4CH<br />   Camera: 1080P HD<br />  Control distance: About 300m<br />  Functions: sideward flight, turn left/right, up/down, forward/backward, fast and slow speed control,<br />  take videos, take photos, out of control return, low power return mode,GPS fixed point, fixed height,route flight, follow me, around point function, surround shooting<br />    Drone battery: 7.4V 1100mAh lipo battery(included)<br />    Flying time: 10mins<br />   Charging time: About 180mins<br />  Remote controller battery: 390mAh(built in)<br />   Product size(folded):18*13*5.5cm<br />  Product size(unfolded): 284*338*55mm<br />  Product weight: 207g (including battery)<br />  Note:<br /> Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement, make sure you do not mind before you bid.<br /> <br />  Package list:<br /> 1 x SG900-S RC Drone<br />  1 x Remote Controller<br /> 1 x 7.4V 1100mAh lipo Battery<br /> 2 x USB Charger<br />   2 x Spare Propeller<br />   1 x English Manual  <br />  <img class="img-responsive" src=";height=21435&amp;hash=22435" />

Additional information

Weight 0.85 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

Remote Control



Charging Voltage

7.4V 1100mAh modularized battery

Package Includes

Remote Controller,Batteries,Original Box,Operating Instructions,USB Cable,Camera


Brush Motor

Model Number

SG900/ SG900-S

Plugs Type




State of Assembly


Controller Battery

Not included



Remote Distance

About 300m

Brand Name


Remote Control


Control Channels

4 Channels

Aerial Photography



Please Read Manual carefully

Power Source


Charging Time

About 180mins

Controller Mode




Action Time

about 10mins

Age Range

> 14 years old

wifi Camera




Altitude hold hovering


One Key Return


GPS Follow Mode



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