THE EVILS OF JEALOUSY AND HATRED ARE two mystery equipment USE via THE ENEMY TO OUR disadvantage.

Jealousy and hatred are two mystery evils equipment the enemy uses against us nearly each time, it’s miles hard to discover it until it happens so pray towards them.

Jealousy inspired Cain to kill Abel, Joseph’s brothers to sell him into slavery and King Saul to want to break David, his greatest and most unswerving soldier. like the ladies who lined the streets and sang, “Saul has killed his heaps and David his ten heaps,” jealousy is frequently inspired with the aid of a person getting extra attention or being more popular than we’re.

Saul’s jealousy opened the door to the spirit of insanity and murder in his life (1 Sam. 18). It transformed a once humble farm boy right into a mass murderer!

JEALOUSY AND HATRED have no buddies, circle of relatives and so on IN lifestyles.

  1. even though jealousy has many faces, it has no friends, family and many others.

  2. a person can like you and promote you one day, and look at you as a danger the subsequent.

  3. as long as they sense greater popular, extra proficient or greater effective than someone, they can sell them, but the 2nd that person’s notoriety, favor, skills or energy surpasses their very own, the war starts. 

  4. Jealousy leads us to strive and reduce that individual, highlight their weakness, construct structures to manipulate them, broaden a case in opposition to them and/or incite a crowd to persecute them.

  5. Jealousy can build a lovely palace, however a destroyer is lurking within the basement simply anticipating the possibility to mastermind a few ploy to carry down its sufferers.

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